Beau's Juicy Surprise

Rinjin Rinjin
Halfbrick Studios, proud owners of high profile popular apps Jetpack Joyrider and Fruit Ninja could have given Beau his big juicy breakthrough!

Beau Bridgland, Hills Road alumni has updated us on his recent success as a young voice actor.

Voice actors often remain unseen and un-famous due to their lack of physical presence on screen. There is also an unpredictable element to the final outcome of their work due to the malleable nature of the way in which their work can be utilised. For this reason, Beau Bridgland was only recently delighted to discover his distinctive laugh had been used for popular app Fruit Ninja an app with over 1 billion downloads worldwide. Going into the audition not knowing how he could become the voice of Rinjin, he had to creatively apply himself in order to meet the requirements of the task "I came up with and provided an extra taunting laugh in my audition that I think might have possibly landed me the job. The audition and the job were both very improvisational; it took a lot of creative energy and as a result was really fun."

Beau was thrilled to hear how his work was used in such a popular game and said how it was "Amazing to think that a young guy from Soham could have a little bit of his voice heard by millions of people worldwide in this phenomenally successful game."

We are delighted to hear of Beau's achievement and wish him well in the future with his voice acting career which he hopes will eventually land him a life living and working in America. If you have an interesting or inspiring story you would like to share with us on your success, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on