5 Questions with Hills Road Alumni Chris Worsfold

Hills Road Alumni Chris Worsfold, studied at University College London and has a Masters in Architecture. We asked him five questions....

Chris Worsfold to the left and art teacher Jonathan Sansom to the right Chris Worsfold to the left and art teacher Jonathan Sansom to the right

Hills Road Alumnus Chris Worsfold, studied at the College from 2004-2006. He went to University College London (UCL) to pursue an undergraduate degree in architecture for three years and then he worked for a year afterwards. He then went back to UCL to complete a masters degree for a duration of two years.

Q1. What did you study at Hills Road Collage?

I studied Art and Design, specialising in sculpture. I also did History of Art with Timothy Winn (he still works here) and I did Maths as well as PE.

Q2. What are your fondest memories at Hills Road?

Most of them come from being in the art department. I enjoyed being able to create artwork without being judged, overall art was fun.

Q3. What is the typical journey to becoming an architect like?

It was challenging and it’s always going be. It’s a very long time till you have finished studying and it’s not particularly well paid at the end. It’s certainly challenging and then obviously you’re trying to grow up at the same time and you may not be entirely sure what you want to do but there are plenty of moments alongside where you decide what you want to do. You’ll be able to decide whether it’s something you want to carry on with or if you want to pursue other art disciplines. But I am glad I stuck with it.

Q4. How do you make the most out of opportunities that you’re given through work? Or do you often find yourself searching for opportunities?

I would say that you do have to look for opportunities and I wouldn’t say you have to fight for them, but do make the most out of the opportunities which are there. The day-to-day life of an architect can be quite boring, therefore variety is key, work on as many different projects as you can, of different scales and try to build that all round experience.

Q5. What advice would you give to others hoping to pursue a career in architecture?

Don’t be put off by thinking that you don’t have enough knowledge to start because you learn along the way and you don’t ever stop learning, even after you finish you academic studies. The life of an architect is one where you are constantly looking to adapting.